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Psychological Evaluations

We Conduct Evaluations in English & Spanish

Psychologist's Office

If you are seeking our services for an immigration psychological evaluation to potentially help strengthen your legal case, and/or for therapy services, you have come to the right place.


We are confident in our experience in conducting psychological evaluations for individuals suffering from a wide range of psychological diagnosis, including PTSD, major depression, and anxiety. We specialize in the assessment of trauma-related symptoms and the impact on the participant's day-to-day psychological, occupational, and interpersonal functioning.

Once we have agreed to work together, we will assign to you a psychotherapist that has received advanced training and is proficient in providing psychological evaluations relevant to immigration cases such as asylum, extreme hardship waivers, VAWA cases and U Visas.


We are able to conduct psychological evaluations in English and Spanish, and have partnerships with certified interpreting agencies for other languages.


We offer payment plans in some cases, provide evaluation results in 3-4 weeks, and a fair fee for expedited evaluation assessments and reports.


Contact us for a FREE 15 minute consultation today!

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