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Anxiety Treatment Options

Image by Alexei Maridashvili

Anxiety is a biological reaction to stressors (our body’s way of telling us something is not okay). But if anxiety becomes overwhelming and persistent, or if it interferes with regular activities, or even makes them impossible, it may be anxiety disorder.


There are treatment options available if you and/or loved one experiences the following symptoms:

  • Constant worry (without a cause and that interrupts daily life);

  • Avoid social gathering out of fear of feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed.

  • Panic attacks without cause and perpetual fear of having another one.

  • Irrational/unexplainable fear of something that poses no danger.


According to the WHO, 1 in 13 people around the world suffer from anxiety, but only 1 in 3 receive treatment. At ARIS Behavioral Health, we are here to provide you with the support that you need by offering a free consultation to determine if you are appropriate for our program, or need additional resources. For a free 15 minute Consultation you can call 201.870.3594 or via email at

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