Services: Clinical Assessments & Counseling


After the intake process is completed, participants are assigned to a set schedule that accommodates other obligations and treatment plan/progress in reviewed every 90 days or sooner. We have served participants that come from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of concerns such as depression, anxiety, anger management, parenting problems, career challenges, self-esteem/confidence issues, intellectual/developmental disabilities, attention deficient, Trauma/PTSD, and immigration/acculturation/adjustment issues.

Individual Therapy

Couples & Family Therapy

For couples and families, we use research and experience in effective communication techniques to support participant’s innate communication abilities with honesty, clarity, and optimism.

Group Therapy

We currently have a waiting list for our virtual Women’s Wellness Group.


Depression is a condition that has a substantial impact on overall health and wellness. It is crucial to seek support to effectively address and manage its symptoms condition to improve your and/or your loved one’s overall health. There are different types of depressive disorders, and while there are many similarities among them, each depressive disorder has its own unique set of symptoms. A clinical assessment with a licensed mental health provider can provide an assessment and determine the most appropriate clinical impression. Most common depressive related symptoms include the following:

  • Persistent sad, anxious or "empty" mood

  • Feelings of hopelessness, pessimism

  • Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness

  • Loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities, including sex

  • Decreased energy, fatigue, feeling "slowed down"

  • Difficulty concentrating, remembering, making decisions

  • Insomnia, early-morning awakening, or oversleeping

  • Low appetite and weight loss or overeating and weight gain

  • Thoughts of death or suicide, suicide attempts

  • Restlessness, irritability

  • Persistent physical symptoms that do not respond to treatment, such as headaches, digestive disorders and pain for which no other cause can be diagnosed.


If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, you can request a free-consultation by calling (201)870-3594 or via email at contact@arisbehavioral to determine if an initial meeting can be scheduled to determine the most appropriate care for you and/or your loved one.


If your current concerns are determined to be an emergency please call 911, go your nearest hospital, and/or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255.


Anxiety is a biological reaction to stressors (our body’s way of telling us something is not okay). But if anxiety becomes overwhelming and persistent, or if it interferes with regular activities, or even makes them impossible, it may be anxiety disorder.


There are treatment options available if you and/or loved one experiences the following symptoms:

  • Constant worry (without a cause and that interrupts daily life);

  • Avoid social gathering out of fear of feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed.

  • Panic attacks without cause and perpetual fear of having another one.

  • Irrational/unexplainable fear of something that poses no danger.


According to the WHO, 1 in 13 people around the world suffer from anxiety, but only 1 in 3 receive treatment. At ARIS Behavioral Health, we are here to provide you with the support that you need by offering a free consultation to determine if you are appropriate for our program, or need additional resources. For a free 15-Consultation you can call 201-870-3594 or via email at


At ARIS Behavioral Health, we have successfully completed intensive educational programs on evidence-based techniques in psychotherapy (CBT), as well as in treatment models of complex trauma, grief and loss as part of our ongoing Certified Clinical Trauma (CCTP) trainings to ensure competence and accuracy when supporting participants overcome the impact of traumatic experiences.


We have also received training in intervention strategies when working with families with children who have survived the effects of domestic violence, child abuse and neglect.


We also have experience in working with individuals who have survived all forms of interpersonal violence (also known domestic violence), and have been successful in developing safety plans, connect participants to community resources, providing psycho-education, and a break the cycle of physical, emotional, and/or psychological abuse.

Evaluaciones y Psicoterapia en Español

Una vez que se complete el proceso de admisión, el participante es asignado a un horario que coordine con sus otras obligaciones y el plan de tratamiento/progreso se revisa cada 90 días o antes. El proveedor asignado habla en Español durante la sesión.  Hemos servido a participantes con diferentes preocupaciones como depresión, ansiedad, manejo de la ira, problemas de crianza, estrés en el trabajo, problemas de autoestima/confianza, trauma, cuestiones de inmigracion y adaptación.

Multi-State Licensed/Approved Provider

We are able to serve individuals that reside in the state of New Jersey, South Carolina and Florida.


Our practice is 100% virtual and all of our video sessions is through a HIPPA compliant platform. All forms are sent and reviewed through our secured client portal.